All Platforms: Planning Considerations

Product Information

SoftNAS® provides a similar experience across its platforms. This means that a great deal of its functionality, user experience, requirements, and features are common to each platform.

SoftNAS® provides the following applicable products:

  • SoftNAS®
  • SoftNAS® BYOL



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SoftNAS® SoftNAS®  solves many problems, including: bulk data transfers, Lift & Shift of applications and data to the cloud, saving customers money on expensive cloud storage costs and data integration and digital transformation.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Microsoft Azure

Buurst offers a bring your own license option for flexibility.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Microsoft Azure

  • VMware

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Email Buurst Sales to obtain your license for VMware OVA and Installation Script.

Using Our Documentation

Buurst has organized its SoftNAS documentation according to task-based and platform-based documentation. This means you can find what you are looking for by simply selecting the subject you wish to know about, and drilling down to the appropriate location. Content that is common across platforms is listed in All Platforms, and content specific to, or primarily focused on a given platform is organized accordingly. We hope you find this format simple and easy to use. See the links below to begin your journey. Remember, if you don't find the subject matter you are looking for, you have the search option available.

All Platforms Information

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Specific Details


Amazon Web Services provides underlying block-storage devices, namely Elastic Block Storage (EBS), which can be organized into RAID configurations to increase performance and throughput, providing recovery protection from underlying physical disk failures.

SoftNAS® for AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a virtual cloud storage appliance, providing trusted, commercial-grade NAS capabilities for EC2 cloud business computing workloads. EC2 workloads include web servers, SaaS applications, SQL database servers, Exchange servers, Windows Remote Desktop Servers, Citrix XenApp servers, etc. SoftNAS® for EC2 provides the flexible, full-featured storage capabilities for trusted cloud computing applications. 

In an Amazon EC2 or other cloud computing environment, SoftNAS® provides the network storage backbone needed for business-critical cloud applications.

SoftNAS® for EC2 leverages EBS (Elastic Block Storage) as its underlying block storage devices. Multiple EBS devices are then organized into RAID configurations, increasing performance and throughput, and providing the ability to recover from underlying physical disk failures that can occur with EBS. SoftNAS® provides the most durable, highest performance NAS solution available for Amazon EC2. 

Premise-Based Computing

VMware vSphere Specific Details


As shown below, SoftNAS® operates within the VMware virtualization environment, typically on a VMware host that is dedicated as a NAS storage server. VMware virtualization provides the broadest range of device and resources, resulting in superior management and administration. And because SoftNAS runs within VMware, it inherits all the features and support that comes from VMware, including vCenter and other administration tools.

VMware vSphere client is a familiar entity in on-premise storage environments. It is considered the principal administrative interface for vCenter Server and ESXi environments.  After downloading and installing VMware vSphere, ensure that the most recent version of this client has been installed.

Please review the VMware vSphere System Requirements for more details on recommended settings for the SoftNAS® VM.

Azure Specific Details


Microsoft Azure is an Internet-scale computing and services platform hosted in data centers managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many separate features with corresponding developer services which can be used individually or collaboratively.

Buurst's SoftNAS® provides the network storage backbone needed for business critical cloud applications.

SoftNAS® for Microsoft Azure leverages the underlying storage devices of Azure. Multiple devices are then organized into RAID configurations, increasing performance and throughput, and providing the ability to recover from underlying physical disk failures. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Specific Details