Creating and Managing Volumes

The following section provides the information you need to create and manage volumes within your SoftNAS® instance.

Create & Configure Volumes - shows how to create volumes using the storage pools and disk devices previously created.  Here you also see how to share them to applications and users as CIFS/SMB shares and/or NFS exports or iSCSI block devices.  This also covers how to provision the volumes as well as performing storage optimization.

Creating a gp3 Volume on AWS - SoftNAS StorageCenter Create Disk Device currently does not provide a method to create this specific volume type.  However, you can create it through the use of the AWS EC2 Dashboard and selecting "Volumes". Once created using this method, the resulting device can be configured into storage pools and volumes for normal use.  The performance and cost benefits are worth consideration when creating storage on a SoftNAS deployed on AWS.  For additional information regarding the the gp3 volume, please refer to Amazon EBS General Purpose Volumes.

Snapshots in StorageCenter - goes over the use of Snapshots as an additional layer of loss prevention and how to implement them on a specific volume. 

Managing Snapshots - provides an overview of managing volume Snapshots which includes looking at the management grid, how to manually create or delete a Snapshot along with creating a Snapclone from a Snapshot that can be mounted as a usable volume.