Settings for Managing your SoftNAS® Deployment

Buurst allows you to manage your storage and your SoftNAS® instance in an intuitive and easy to use interface, with all functions reachable from our Storage Administration pane. For most administrative functions not related directly to managing your storage, simply navigate to Settings

The following section outlines the available administrative functions and explains how to use these functions to manage your SoftNAS® instance. 

General Administration

The subject matters covered here include Administrator activities , User Administration activities including User Account and Password management. 

Network Specific Administration

The subject matters covered here include Network, Firewall, and Identity and Access Control management activities.

 NFSv4 Specific

This section of documentation explains how to configure NFSv4 Server with Kerberos and LDAP authentication.
Using Kerberos and/or LDAP with NFSv4 enables use of NFSv4 while maintaining each user's and user group's security rights for files and folders.

The goal of this document is to describe how to setup a network to enable the following:

  • User authentication is performed using a central Kerberos server (typically Active Directory)
  • User information (UID/GID/home directories) is stored in a LDAP directory
  • NFS automount information is stored in LDAP
  • NFSv4 authentication using Kerberos is possible with support for legacy NFSv3 mounts.
 NFSv4 Configuration and Server Components
System Specific Administration