Configuring Network Settings

The Network Settings panel is used to administer network interfaces, routing and gateways, hostname, DNS and other network-related configuration.

Network Interfaces

The Network Interfaces module allows administrative control over adding, editing, or removing network interfaces. From here, add vlan tagged interface, new bridge and new address.

For more information, refer Network Interfaces.

Routing and Gateways

The Routing and Gateways section allows configuration of the routes that are activated when the system boots up or when the network settings are fully re-applied. It shows both boot time configuration and the current, active configuration.

For more information, refer Routing and Gateways.

Hostname and DNS Client

The Hostname and DNS Client module allows for configuration of host name, resolution order and DNS servers.

For more information, refer Hostname and DNS Client.

Host Addresses

The Host Addresses module helps to add, edit or remove host addresses.

For more information, refer Host Addresses.