Changing Monitoring Notification Frequency


Increase, decrease, or completely cease email reports sent by established VMs and monitored network relationships.


SoftNAS® is installed with a Monitoring Notification setting turned on. This setting sends notifications to whatever email address is initially registered with the account. To change the frequency or completely discontinue these notifications, sign in to SoftNAS StorageCenter.

If this issue persists, first try updating the SoftNAS StorageCenter from the Getting Started tab.

On the left menu pane, expand Settings and click Administrator. On the Monitoring tab, there are options available to either increase the Polling Interval or completely remove the contact email address altogether.

Complete removal of the email address will immediately cease any monitoring emails from this setup. This is NOT recommended as it may result in the client being unaware of important alerts and potentially avoidable failures.

If the SoftNAS instance is running in a proxy environment, it may have difficulty sending the desired email reports to its intended target. In order to ensure delivery of monitoring emails, a local SMTP server must be added in the Monitoring tab.

These settings must be saved from this point.