Managing Network Settings

Network Settings

Network settings, including inbound and outbound rules are very important to the success of your deployment, and will differ based upon the use case. Managing Network Settings at the Azure VM level is important to the success of your deployment. To change your network settings:

  • From the Virtual machines screen, click on the preferred SoftNAS® VM.
  • Click on Settings > Networking.

  • Select the available network interface. This will show a new Settings menu, allowing you to configure your network interface. 
  • In the Network Interface Settings Menu, you can manage IP Configurations,  DNS Servers, Properties, and your Network Security Group.  

Network Security Group

  • Azure manages inbound and outbound rules in a similar fashion to AWS, by tying them to a Network Security Group. The network security group applied to your network interface is immediately accessible for editing once Networking is selected from the Settings of the virtual machine.
  • Select the rules which need editing from the listed options.
  • Click the Add Inbound Rule button to add a rule.