VMware Getting Started - HA Considerations

VMware has a few requirements specific to setting up high availability through SoftNAS. SnapReplicate can be performed as described here, and requires only two nodes. Setting up SNAP HA™ in any VMware virtualized environment requires the following:

  • Two SoftNAS® controller nodes for replication and their corresponding IP addresses (DNS names) and networking credentials.
  • A virtual IP within the storage VLAN subnet.  For more information, click here.
  • An additional SoftNAS controller node is required, to act as an HA Controller. This SoftNAS SNAP HA™ Controller node is necessary, as it acts as a 3rd party witness and controller to all SNAP HA™ failover and takeover operations.
  • Replication must be set up between the two SoftNAS® controller nodes.

For more information on High Availability, click here.