Creating Lift and Shift Source and Target Virtual Machines (Instances)

Lift and Shift™ is but a part of the SoftNAS® stack, and as such, is part of an integrated whole. Creating an instance of SoftNAS® provides the basis for not only Lift and Shift™ functionality, and the remaining components. The same processes outlined in the below documentation apply to the instances or VMs designated for a Lift and Shift use case. 

To create your VMware (on-premise) instance:

If creating an AWS instance:

If creating an Azure Virtual Machine or Virtual Machines:

The following best performance minimum requirements should be kept in mind when configuring your instances for Lift and Shift™:

MemoryCPUNetworkInstance Size Recommendations
AWS32 GB8 vCPUHighm42.xlarge, c3.4xlarge, etc
Azure28 GB8 coresHighDS4v2, DS14v2, etc
VMware32 GB8 vCPU1GBe minimum recommendedNA