Azure: Getting Started With SoftNAS

Microsoft Azure is an Internet-scale computing and services platform hosted in data centers managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many separate features with corresponding developer services which can be used individually or collaboratively.

Buurst's SoftNAS® provides the network storage backbone needed for business critical cloud applications.

SoftNAS® for Microsoft Azure leverages the underlying storage devices of Azure. Multiple devices are then organized into RAID configurations, increasing performance and throughput, and providing the ability to recover from underlying physical disk failures. SoftNAS® provides the most durable, highest performing NAS solution available for Microsoft Azure and is the only Azure storage product that supports up to 16 PB of Blob storage and high availability with a No Downtime Guarantee SLA.

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Azure Scale Set Not Supported

SoftNAS is not supported under Azure “Virtual machine scale set”. 





SoftNAS®SoftNAS® solves many problems like: bulk data transfers, Lift & Shift of applications and data to the cloud, saving customers money on expensive storage costs and data integration and digital transformation.
Subscribe via AWS Marketplace.Embedded in platform subscription or BYOL available from SoftNAS.
SoftNAS BYOLSoftNAS offers a bring your own license option for flexibility.

Creating a SoftNAS® Instance on Microsoft Azure

As a first time user, the primary goals are simply to see the product in action, to determine its capabilities, and then to determine the requirements. This document will focus on providing you a functional instance as well as provide the additional steps to create a 2nd virtual machine and configure high availability. This basic setup will allow you to test the key features of SoftNAS, while providing a baseline for your production requirements. 

Advanced features of the SoftNAS product are not in scope for this Getting Started Guide, however, the setup presented here will provide a strong foundation for a deployment including these advanced features.