Registering SoftNAS®

Optimized Support

Registering the SoftNAS® product provides access to free, unlimited support during business hours. Multiple levels of support services are available to meet all storage management needs.

Upon initial sign-in, a pop-up will prompt the user for account information required for support levels.

Consult Buurst SoftNAS Support Page for the most up-to-date information on support levels.

Registration Details

On the seventh day after deployment, the customer will be prompted to register their SoftNAS instance. The prompt will appear as shown to the right.

The red asterisks * denote fields required for a successful registration.

While you are not prompted after deployment, the user can register at any time by clicking the link in the upper right corner.

If you do not register after seven days, the prompt to register will begin to appear upon each login. However, you can select the "Do not show me this again" option to prevent future registration prompts.

The business email address entered here will be the contact information used for SoftNAS® monitoring reports.
Foregoing registration means you will NOT receive our free, unlimited business hours support.


Manual Registration Request

To return to the registration window after bypassing it at login, or to register immediately (prior to the prompts provided on the seventh day and thereafter), click the hyperlink at the top right of the StorageCenter UI titled Product Registration - unregistered product.

Once the product has been successfully registered, this button will be disabled.

Make use of the Feature Request hyperlink for product suggestions.