How to Monitor SmartTiers™ Data Migration Progress


After configuring SmartTiers by following the SmartTiers™ Configuration KB article, it is possible to monitor data migration between hot tier to cold tier using simple CLI command.


This article provides a step-by-step guide to monitor SmartTiers Data Migration Progress


Step-by-step guide using CLI.

  1. SSH into the SoftNAS node.

  2. Use "less" command or "watch" command to monitor output with a certain interval.

             # less /sys/block/sdtiera/tier/migration_stats


             # watch -n 2 less /sys/block/sdtiera/tier/migration_stats

            Command example output:

                    Every 2.0s: less /sys/block/sdtiera/tier/migration_stats         Mon Feb 11 14:05:46 2019

                    migration enabled        : True

                    migration started        : True

                    migration progress       : 25273/57774

                    migration time (ms)      : 83993