Location of Snapshot Files within SoftNAS StorageCenter


Buurst's SoftNAS manages Snapshots using standard ZFS mechanisms within the SoftNAS Storage Center Appliance. They can be found within the UI by selecting Volumes and LUNS from the Storage Administration pane. Under the Snapshots tab, you can manage your snapshots, delete them, schedule them and more. However, many of our technically inclined users prefer a command line approach, and may wish to manually copy or backup their Snapshot files directly. 


This KB provides the location of the Snapshot files, allowing a storage administrator to access them directly via a CLI interface.


To access and manage your snapshots via command line, SSH into your instance.

For guidance on how to connect to your Linux instance, click here.
For Guidance on how to connect to your Windows Instance, click here.

Once logged in, change directory to:


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