Creating a Snapshot of the root volume in AWS


Prior to upgrading it is of importance to take a snapshot of the root volume, suppose a customer wants to roll-back to the previous version in the event of a failed upgrade, old features are no longer compatible etc.


This article allows you to create a snapshot of your root volume prior to upgrading and it helps facilitate a rollback should in case there is a need for one.


Please follow the step by step guide below to create a snapshot of the root volume prior to upgrading. Also, note that the SoftNAS node needs to be in a

stop state before taking a snapshot of the root volume to avoid i/0 issues post restore.

  1. Log in to the AWS console and navigate to the "Volumes" tab on your left;


2. Choose the root volume in question and click on the Action Tab, then from the drop down select "Create Snapshot";


3. Fill in the description and add a tag to your newly created root volume snapshot for easy identification and then hit the "Create Snapshot" tab.


By following the above steps you have successfully created a backup Snapshot of your SoftNAS root volume and if you wish to rollback please continue the below steps.

4. Shutdown the SoftNAS node and navigate to the "Snapshot" tab, locate the snapshot you created, select it and from the drop-down "Action" menu click on the "Create Volume".

5. Choose the desired disk size which is 100GB by default, also remember to select the availability zone of your SoftNAS node, add tags and create the volume.

6.  Stop the running SoftNAS node. Find the root volume ID and click on it to detach it

7. After that find the root volume prior to upgrade (created from snapshot) and click on "Attach Volume".

8. From the pop-up window select the SoftNAS instance (stopped state) and for the device form you must use the correct device name or path which is "/dev/sda1".

9. After attaching back the volume start the SoftNAS node and wait for a while to finish the health check and try to login to SoftNAS UI again.