Managing Volumes from the EC2 Console

Once volumes are created, attach or detach volumes to an instance.

Attach a Volume

  • Navigate to the Volumes page from the EC2 Dashboard.

  • Select the volume you wish to attach.

  • Select Actions > Attach volume

The Attach Volume dialog will be displayed. 

  1. Select the instance to be attached from the Instance drop down list.

  2. Enter a device name for the EBS volume; e.g., /dev/sdf1, /dev/sdp15. Refer to EBS Volumes and Device Mapping for more information on how best to allocate EBS volume device names.

  3. Click Attach

The volume is now attached to a SoftNAS® instance.

Detach a Volume

Detach a volume from the attached instance.

  • Select the volume to be detached from the instance.

  • From the Actions drop down list, click Detach Volume

    WARNING - BE CAREFUL: Do not detach volumes from an active SoftNAS® instance unless the volume will be moving to a new instance, in which case, re-attach the EBS volumes and Import to regain access to data.

  • The Detach Volume message box asking to confirm the dissociation of address with the specific instance will be displayed.

  • Click Yes, Detach. The selected volume will be detached from the instance.

Delete a Volume

Note: Permanent data loss can occur when EBS volumes are deleted.
  • To delete a volume, select it from the Volumes page on EC2 dashboard.
  • On the Actions drop down list, select the Delete Volume option and confirm by clicking Yes, Delete.

The selected volumes will be deleted.