VMware Getting Started - Deploy and Access SoftNAS Instances

OVA File

  • Save the SoftNAS® for VMware vSphere OVA from the email received after product registration.  This version of SoftNAS® is delivered as an OVA virtual machine appliance file for VMware vSphere related virtual machine environments. This OVA has been tested and certified for use with VMware vSphere.
  • Connect to ESXi host via VMware vSphere Client, either directly to the host or using vCenter, as appropriate.

Example Deployment

It's important to remember that the deployment shown below is just an example.  It is meant to display the general steps of deployment through VMware vSphere.  Steps might differ slightly and you should always select the best options for YOUR deployment.

Connect Using vSphere Client

VMware ESXi

Deploy the SoftNAS™ Virtual Storage Appliance on hosts that are running ESXi version 6.7 or later. Then access the OVF files from vSphere Client.
  • Start your vSphere Client.
  • Login by providing your vSphere IP address / Name, User name, and Password.

Create SoftNAS Instance

  • Select File > Deploy OVF Template


  • Click the Browse button and select the OVA file.
  • Once selected, click the Next button.

  • On the OVF Template Details page, click the Next button.

  • Type the name of your instance in the Name field.
  • Select the Inventory Location for the deployed template.  In this example, we are placing it in QA_Folder.
  • Once done, click the Next button.

  • Select the Destination Storage for the virtual machine files.  In this example, we select QA_Datastores.
  • Once done, click the Next button.

  • Ensure that the Datastore Cluster is correct and that the Available space (GB) is sufficient for your deployment.
  • Select the type of provisioning that is best suited for your deployment.  In this example, we selected Thin Provision.
  • Once done, click the Next button.

  • Select your networks that will be used in this OVF template.  In this example, we select VM NETWORK.
  • Once done, click the Next button.

  • On the Ready to Complete screen, review all information to ensure that it is correct.
  • Once done, click the Finish button.
  • A dialog will then appear, stating that deployment is in progress.  Wait for this to complete.

Power on SoftNAS Instance

  • Select your newly created instance and under the Getting Started tab, click Power on the virtual machine.

HA Environment

If creating an HA environment, you will need to create a total of three VMs.  Two instances act as pair nodes while one will act as the HA Controller.

Connect to Instance

  • There are three ways to access your instance.
  1. Web Platform
  2. Open Console
  3. SSH

Web Platform

  • Obtain the IP address assigned to your SoftNAS instance.
  • Navigate to your preferred web browser and enter the following:

    • https://<your-softnas-instance-ip>
  • Log in to the platform using the following default credentials:
    • Username: softnas
    • Password: Pass4W0rd

Open Console

  • Under your instances Summary tab, click Open Console

  • Once the Console opens, you will be prompted to login.
  • Default credentials are as follows:
    • Username: softnas
    • Password: Pass4W0rd


  • Obtain the IP address assigned to your SoftNAS instance.
  • Open your preferred terminal and enter the following command, following onscreen instructions:

    SSH to SoftNAS
    ssh softnas@<instance.ip.address>

  • Default credentials are as follows:
    • Username: softnas
    • Password: Pass4W0rd