Adding a Global Administrator Account (optional)

As the administrator/owner of an azure account, the permissions required to create and manage storage and virtual machines should be in place. However, if you wish to delegate responsibilities to another user, or simply wish to have all your Buurst resources managed by a separate account, you will need to create this separate account with global admin permissions.

To create a Global Admin account

To ensure you have a valid global administrator account, log into the Azure Management Portal with your administrative credentials:

  • This will open to the Default Directory. If you are using a different directory, you can select it by clicking Switch directory. This guide assumes you are a new user, using the default directory. 
  •  From Default Directory, select Users.

  •  Select New User

  • The new user blade will open. Provide a name and a username (email) for the new user. 

  • Next, you can add a user profile. Provide the first and last name of the user and title and department.

  • Enter the source of authority.

  • Enter any relevant groups.

  • Select Global Administrator to allow full control over all directory resources. 

Click Create.