[SoftNAS] Promoting a SnapClone to a Full Volume via CLI

If you need to restore a previous configuration by promoting a SnapClone to a full volume, please perform the following steps via the CLI.

Step-by-step guide

SSH into your instance and log in as root.

First, we will create the volume. 

  1.  zfs create <pool-name>/<vol-name>
  2.  zfs snapshot <pool-name/<vol-name>@today (You can name it anything you like)

  3.  zfs list -t snapshot (To check the available snapshots)

  4.  zfs clone <pool-name>/<snapshot-name>

Your Volume is now created.
Steps to promote the snap clone to a full volume

  1. zfs promote pool/cloned-vol-name
  2. zfs rename pool/orig-vol-name pool/orig-vol-name-old
  3. zfs rename pool/cloned-vol-name pool/orig-vol-name
  4. zfs destroy pool/old-volume-name
  5. Run 'zfs list' to confirm

Your SnapClone volume is now promoted.