How to set up a SoftNAS instance/VM behind a Proxy Server


You would like to provide your SoftNAS instance/VM with the anonymity, protection and access control afforded to you by a proxy server. SoftNAS makes this simple to accomplish, but there are a few things you should know. 


This article will show you how to place your SoftNAS instance/VM behind the protection of a proxy server, as well as help you to configure your instance/VM to provide you a seamless experience. If configuring a proxy server, there are a few additional considerations. We will show you how to connect to your proxy server, then provide you with guidelines that will help you achieve a seamless user experience.


Connecting to a proxy server from SoftNAS is a fairly simple task. 

Navigate to the Storage Administration pane on the left, then expand Settings, and select Administrator.

In the Administrator tab, select the General System Settings sub-tab.

Check the box labelled Proxy Server. This will allow you to enter the details of your proxy server, including your access credentials.

Enter the details for your proxy server.

As stated, the process for connecting to a proxy server is relatively simple. There are a few considerations that need to be addressed however. 

If running a SoftNAS HA pair behind a proxy, a  local NTP server must be configured as well in order to avoid errors stating that there are no servers suitable for synchronization. Connecting your NTP server can be done under System Time.

For SnapReplicate, if replication is to occur, the IPs of both paired instance/VMs must be added to the proxy's exclusion list manually.

If obtaining a support report by using the command shell (via the webmin panel) the command must be run with the additional root command

su -l root -c "curl | php --"