How to gracefully Shutdown a HA Pair / Restart it

This KB is geared towards customers who want to shutdown their HA pairs either to save cost or other reasons. 

Step-by-step guide

  • Login to the SoftNAS UI and launch the Snapreplicate Applet

  • Next, click on action then Replicate now and make sure that all volumes are in a "SNAPREPLICATE-COMPLETE"

  • Next, Deactivate SnapHA

  • From here you can stop SoftNAS using two different methods:

    a. You can run the commands below from SoftNAS CLI 
                                                    #  sync; sync; shutdown -h now 

    b. From the platform (AWS/Azure console) 

  • Done

To start the HA pair and reestablish HA

  • From the cloud provider (AWS/Console) you can start the HA pair simultaneously starting with the Primary node. The restart usually takes 3-5 minutes for the systems to be fully up.

  • Next, Once the systems are up and you are logged in; navigate to the SnapHA applet and ensure that HA is still in a deactivated state and all volumes are in a "SNAPREPLICATE-COMPLETE" state

  • Click on the action Menu --> Activate and click Yes on the popup menu to confirm.

  • Once HA is fully activated again it should look like the screenshot below. 

  • Done