Azure Getting Started - Preparing the Second Instance for HA

Your secondary SoftNAS instance should mirror your primary instance in most aspects.  Adequate storage space and a storage pool ready to receive the volume in a failover situation should be configured.

Complete the following on your secondary SoftNAS instance.

  • Add disk(s) that are identical to the disk(s) you created on the primary SoftNAS instance.
    • The same type.
    • The same amount of storage.
    • The same number of disk(s).

  • Create a storage pool that is identical to the storage pool you created on the primary SoftNAS instance.

    The pool MUST have the same name as the pool in the primary SoftNAS instance.


You will NOT create a volume on the secondary instance.  The storage pool on the secondary instance serves as a landing strip for the volume (and any data contained within) in a failover situation once SnapReplicate™ and SNAP HA™ have been configured.

If you need assistance on completing any of these tasks, please refer back to Azure Getting Started - Configure your SoftNAS Instances.