Azure Getting Started - Creating the Second Instance for High Availability

  • To create your second SoftNAS instance for High Availability, please follow the instructions presented on Azure Getting Started - Create your SoftNAS Instance.

  • The difference here will be your Availability option.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: If for your primary SoftNAS instance you chose Availability Zone - Zone 1, your secondary SoftNAS instance would need to be assigned an Availability Zone of Zone 2 or Zone 3.

Do NOT create a column on the second instance.  The storage pool on the second instance serves as a landing strip for the volume in a failover situation.

  • These options are found under the Basics tab > Instance Details.

Ensure that you are selecting the same Availability Option as used in your first instance.

Buurst recommends the use of Availability sets and Availability Zones.

For Availability Sets, select the same availability set used for the previous VM.

For Availability Zones, select a different zone from the first VM, ie: if you selected zone 1 for the first, select zone 2 or 3 for the second.