[SoftNAS KB]: Submitting a Support Report, version 3.4 and prior


An error "Ajax communications failure" or other similar messages may appear when attempting to submit a support report to SoftNAS for assistance in troubleshooting an issue.


SoftNAS versions 3.4 and prior submit support reports at customer request via email. There are situations under which the size of support reports and the time required to generate them can exceed the timeouts for the web user interface or exceed the threshold of maximum practical email size.


SoftNAS has provided an alternative mechanism for submitting support reports which will prevent exceeding the timeout or limitations on email size. To submit a support report to SoftNAS using SoftNAS version 3.4 or prior, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to StorageCenter™.
  2. Expand "Settings" under the Storage Administration panel.
  3. Select "General System Settings" which will open a new window or tab in your browser.

    NOTE: Your web browser's popup blocker could prevent this new window or tab from opening.
  4. Expand "Others".
  5. Select "Command Shell".
  6. In the text entry box near the "Execute Command:" button enter the following command replacing "user@domain.com" with your email address:

    curl https://www.softnas.com/getsupport/ | php -- user@domain.com

  7. Click the "Execute Command:" button.
  8. Determine if any errors are displayed and take appropriate action as instructed. Contact support@softnas.com if additional assistance is needed.
  9. If the support report process has been successfully started, a message similar to "You can monitor the progress and result of this process by running this command: 'cat /var/www/softnas/logs/sndiagXYZ' will appear. The support report process has not been completed at this point, but it is currently running in the background.
  10. In the text entry box near the "Execute Command:" button enter the command as shown in your command shell between the single-quotation marks:

    cat /var/www/softnas/logs/sndiagXYZ

  11. The progress cannot update on the screen automatically. Execute the command as needed to monitor the progress of the backgrounded command.
  12. Upon completion of the update you should see a message that either indicates success or failure as shown below:


  13. If a failure occurs, please contact support@softnas.com for assistance in resolving your issue.