SoftNAS Manual Server Install Process

Licensing for White Box Bare Metal SoftNAS


New install of Rocky Linux 8.6 minimal configured with a 256GB root / partition.

Install Steps:

Download from the link provided.

Upload the file to the /tmp directory.

 Open a shell with the Rocky Linux system and execute the following commands as superuser:

chmod +x /tmp/


System will automatically reboot after installer completes

Open a web browser and direct it to IP of the Rock Linux system.

Login to the StorageCenter UI using the user name softnas and default password Pass4W0rd.

Under the StorageCenter UI navigate to Settings > Software Updates.

Select version 5.4.1 from the Select version dropdown box.

Click on Apply Update Now.

System will automatically reboot after update completes



Licensing for White Box Bare Metal customers who are using SoftNAS Rocky Linux as their OS will have the following parameters:

·        Per box SoftNAS License Key

·        1 SoftNAS activation per key

Contact for assistance with any licensing related items.