Partitioning Disks

  • Log on to SoftNAS StorageCenter.
  • In the Left Navigation Pane, select the Disk Devices option under the Storage section.
    The Disk Devices panel will be displayed. 
  • Disk devices must be partitioned prior to use. The available devices are listed in the Available Devices grid, as shown above.

Device Usage - indicates the current status of the device, which can be: 

Device needs partition - the initial state for a new device that has no partition

Available to assign - the device is partitioned and ready for use in a storage pool

Used in pool <poolname> - the device is in use by the indicated storage pool name

Use the buttons on the toolbar to partition the devices for initial use.

  • Use Partition All to partition all disk devices.
  • Alternatively, select each disk device, then use Create Partition to partition a device individually. 

    Remove Partition can be used to remove an existing partition that is no longer needed.