Veeam and Buurst

Buurst and Veeam customers now have access to cost-effective multi-cloud storage options, while simultaneously improving RTPO (recovery time and point objectives) for data archival, backup and storage jobs. This partnership underscores Buurst’s innovation as a truly cloud-native, 100% software-defined cloud data platform for enterprise control of any data, any cloud, anywhere.

Organizations struggle with managing vast amounts of data, including backups. Cloud backup is one of the fastest growing technologies being adopted. SoftNAS® accelerates object storage I/O performance to near the levels of native cloud block storage, but at a significantly lower cost. Enterprises can deploy Buurst's SoftNAS® product flexibly, either on-premises or via public cloud providers to achieve superior TCO for secondary data: cloud backup, disaster recovery and cloud archive repositories.

The following solution guides are designed to provide a strong starting point from which to meet your organizations' backup requirements: