HA iSCSI on VMware

iSCSI HA VMware Setup

To configure iSCSI for HA operation with VMware, use the following instructions.

  1. Locate the Virtual IP address assigned during SNAP HA™ installation.
    Note: The example for this guide will use

  2. Go to the ESXi host through VI client and create a new standard switch with a new vmkernel. Align the IP with the same subnet of the existing VIP. 
    Note: Ensure a free physical NIC on the ESXi host.

  3. Within the ESXi host: Configuration > Networking > Add Networking

  4. Choose VMkernel and click Next.

  5. Choose an available physical NIC. Click Next.

  6. Enter an IP that corresponds to the existing VIP's subnet. Click Next and then OK

  7. Next go to configuration tab – > storage adapters and click properties 

  8. On the network configuration tab click add to add the vmkernel which we will use for iscsi port binding.

  9. Then on "Dynamic discovery" click "Add" to put our VIP address press OK and on rescan choose Yes.

  10. ESXi has now found the iSCSi controller. Add the Datastore and follow the prompts. 
    Configuration > Storage > Add Storage > Disk LUN