[SoftNAS KB] Installation of 3rd party tools may void support


Your company requires to install a 3rd party tools/agents on SoftNAS instance to address a particular task at hand such as backup, monitoring, logging, antivirus/malware detection etc


Provide guidance on approaching this situation.


Installation of 3rd party tools/agents may lead to system instability and conditions unforeseen when the system was developed and subsequently QA-ed by SoftNAS.

Should there be a need to raise a support ticket on such a system and support were to determine that the 3rd party tool/agent has lead to, contributed to instability or hinders ability to  provide root cause analysis, you may be asked to remove this 3rd party tool/agent and reproduce an issue for it to be addressed.

In order to provide this functionality SoftNAS recommends to use external methods such as backing up CIFS/NFS shares or checking for virtuses/malware when mounted on an external host, forwarding logs using systlog facility for monitoring, etc.

If unsure about the best approach to take, please do not hesitate to contact SoftNAS for guidance.

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01-12-2018Document created