Removing AFP from SoftNAS


 If you are not using Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) for shares with Apple clients, you can uninstall the packages related to AFP.


This article describes how to uninstall the AFP related packages.


Before uninstalling the AFP related packages you will need to disable AFP in the SoftNAS monitoring. While logged into the SoftNAS webUI go to Settings → Administrator → Monitoring. In the Services Monitoring section, make sure the radio button for AFP is set to No.

The AFP related services will need to disabled in the start scripts. Edit /var/www/softnas/scripts/ and comment out the first line for netatalk so that the line appears like below.

 # service netatalk restart

To remove the AFP related package, you need to log into the CLI on your SoftNAS and have root privileges via su or sudo. Run the following command:

yum -y remove netatalk

You will get a line similar to the following:


 netatalk.x86_64 4:3.1.7-0.1.el

The AFP packages are now uninstalled from your SoftNAS. 

Outage required: (if applicable)


Length of Outage:(if applicable)

Five minutes

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