[SoftNAS KB]: Opening a Support Case


If you are opening a support case for support on your SoftNAS there are a few basic pieces of information that would be helpful to have in the initial report.

Requested Information

  • Platform- Is it VMware,AWS,Azure or other?

    If AWS or other Cloud Platform what is the instnace or VM type?
  • SoftNAS version

  • Supporting Information
    This refers to any helpful information to resolve the issue, for example:
    • A brief description of the issue
    • Is it reproducible?
    • Steps to reproduce (what sequence of events results in the issue?)

  • Screen shots and Applicable logs
    Screenshots and logs are very important to the effort, as to trained eyes, they can determine the cause even without the supporting information above. Logs in particular provide error codes that can quickly help our diagnostic effort. 

    To send a support report, please refer to the instruction here

Following these easy tips will help us to resolve your issue faster.

SoftNAS Support