[SoftNAS KB]: Fixing a degraded pool due to a deleted disk


If you have created an S3 disk, and added it to a pool, but left the Disk Devices tab open (ie, in a separate screen) without explicitly hitting refresh, the disk shows as still available for assignment and can be deleted without error message. This causes the pool to fail (which is to be expected). However the problem is, that the degraded pool cannot be removed from UI.


If you accidentally delete the disk upon which a pool is built, the pool will fail and remain in a degraded state. This degraded pool will cause the system load increase, which could potentially degrade the services provided by SoftNAS appliance. This article will explain how to resolve the issue.


To resolve this issue is relatively simple. 

  • SSH into the affected instance.

    For guidance on how to connect to your Linux instance, click here.
    For Guidance on how to connect to your Windows Instance, click here.

  • Reboot the SoftNAS Instance in order to remove this pool.

Additional Information

Outage required: Yes

Because a reboot is required to remove the degraded pool, an outage is required.

Length of Outage: varies

Estimated downtime varies, depending on current workload, and amount of data in the cache. To minimize downtime, schedule the fix during a maintenance window.