SoftNAS with Azure Active Directory Integration


Azure Active Directory Domain Services ( AADDC ) has become a beautiful thing, providing a very powerful and efficient way to control authentication from different platforms and environments. 

  •  With AADDC, IT administrators do not need to manage, patch, or monitor the domain or any domain controllers for the managed domain.
  • There is no need to manage AD replication for the domain. User accounts, group memberships, and credentials from your main AADDC tenant are automatically available within this managed domain.
  • Since the domain is managed by Azure AD Domain Services, the IT administrator does not have Domain Administrator or Enterprise Administrator privileges on this domain.


This Guide is geared towards our Azure customers who want to utilize their existing AADDC in Azure to control Authentication/Administration of SoftNAS resources via their existing Users/Groups in AADDC. 

  1. The first prerequisite is to have Azure AD Domain Services enabled. If you have not already enabled Azure AD Domain Services, please click the link here and follow the guide.

  2. Next, if you have not already done so, change your Azure user passwords. Allow at least 20 minutes for password synchronization between your main AADDC to the domain services domain created in Step #1. 

  3. Next, add the DNS settings configured here in SoftNAS. The DNS settings will allow us to resolve your AADDC.

  4. Now that all of our Network/DNS settings have been properly configured, we can proceed with joining AD to SoftNAS. Please click on Volumes and LUNs to proceed.

  5. Next, click on Active Directory to begin the joining process.

  6. Click Next to proceed.

  7. Provide your Domain Services "Domain Name", "User ID" and password:

  8. Click Finish to complete the joining process.

  9. Congratulations, you are now ready to administer SoftNAS with your AADC administrative account!