AWS Getting Started - Creating Your AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key

After creating your account, you will need to create your AWS access key and Secret Access Key. You use access keys to sign programmatic requests that you make to AWS if you use AWS CLI commands (using the SDKs) or using AWS API operations.  Like a user name and password, you must use both the access key ID and secret access key together to authenticate your requests. For example, the access and secret access key are supplied to authenticate the addition of storage to your SoftNAS instance. They are also used to create API calls to initiate the AWS Identity and Access Management (or IAM) role.

The AWS Access and Secret Access keys are not retained by Buurst or the SoftNAS product and must be stored and managed by the customer.  

The IAM Role created using these keys will control access for all other API calls needed by the SoftNAS Quick Launch. For this reason, the Access and Secret Access keys are one of the first prerequisites that need to be created. 

  • From the AWS console, select Services > Security, Identity, & Compliance > IAM.

  • Once in the Identity and Access Management console, select Users from the left side panel and click lick Add users

  • Provide a name for the user.

  • Select Programmatic Access.

  • Click Next: Permissions.

  • Next, select Add user to group, and click Create Group

  • Provide a meaningful name to the group. 

  • Select AdministratorAccess (the first listed option).

  • Click Create Group

  • Ensure that your newly created group is selected and click Next: Tags.

  • Add any tags that you wish and then click Next: Review

  • Review the information and ensure everything looks correct.
  • Once done, click the Create user button.

  • The user is now created, and the user details including the access and secret access keys can be downloaded as a .csv file for future reference.