FAQ: SoftNAS - General

Are standard reservationless ZFS snapshots used?

Can I login to SoftNAS UI using another system user?

Do you need to be a storage administrator to manage SoftNAS Cloud NAS?

Does SoftNAS Cloud NAS provide High-Availability (HA)?

Does SoftNAS Cloud NAS work as a VSA (virtual storage appliance)?

Does SoftNAS support SCSI-3 persistent reservations, for clustered hosts?

Does SoftNAS use the standard ZFS ZIL and L2ARC mechanisms for write/read acceleration (respectively)?

During data copy on replication, if 90% of the copy is done and link breaks, will it start from zero?

How COW (copy on write) file system and Data Integrity works?

How does the HA piece work, exactly?

How is encryption key management handled?

How is the ZiL utilized by SoftNAS?

How long does it take for FlexFiles services to start after I apply the Platinum License?

How often does SoftNAS Cloud NAS Replicate?

How to create an iSCSI volume for Windows Failover Cluster?

How to find the directories that are occupying the most space on the system?

In a hybrid approach, is it feasible to have a 2-node SoftNAS deployment on-premises that tiers data out to (and back from) public cloud? Or do we need to replicate SoftNAS on-premises to SoftNAS in Azure/AWS?

Is it supported to use an AD user to login to softnas UI?

Is my data encrypted, and who controls the encryption keys?

Is standard Linux clustering used, or have you written your own stack?

Is there a 2-node max per deployment? Or can we scale out horizontally too?

Is there a AES cipher that traffic passes through to encrypt data that is sent to disk via replication?

Is there any bench marking tool you are using and if there is any specific configurations?


What happens if my license expires on my SoftNAS Cloud appliance?

What happens to my data if the SoftNAS instance is stopped?

What versions of SMB and NFS are supported?

Where is the GUI run from?

Why is Open Source a good foundation for SoftNAS Cloud NAS?