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If you are not receiving support logs to your email, and they are not being sent to by your SoftNAS instance's SMTP agent, then these support reports can be retrieved manually. 


This article will provide instructions on how to retrieve support reports (logs) manually from a SoftNAS Cloud instance without email functionality.


  1. Run the following command from a system that has an internet access to get our latest support-report diagnostic tool.
    # wget

  2. You can use your favorite SCP tools to download the script (diagnostics.src)  to the /var/www/softnas/scripts/ directory of the server in question

  3. SSH to the server in question, and change directory (cd) to /var/www/softnas/scripts/ then type the following command:
    #chown root.root diagnostics.src
    #chmod 755 diagnostics.src

  4. The exported file should then appear in the  directory under /tmp/softnas-report.xxxx.tgz
  5. Change the permissions of the support report to prepare for download from the server:
    # chmod 644 /tmp/softnas-report.*.tgz

  6. WinSCP that file from the server.