AWS Getting Started - Create and Add a Secondary NIC

If during instance creation you are not able to add a secondary Network Interface (necessary for high availability). the second network interface can be added after instance creation. 

  • From the EC2 dashboard, scroll down the left panel to Network & Security.
  • Select Network Interface.
  • Click Create Network Interface.

Next, create the network interface. 

  1. Description - Provide a description to describe your network interface.
  2. Subnet - Select the desired subnet to match the instance it will be assigned to.
  3. Private IPv4 address - Select auto-assign.
  4. Security groups - Select the security group assigned to your instance.
  5. Tags - Create any tags that you want to be assigned to your network interface.
  6. Once configuration is complete, click Create network interface.

  • Select the network interface created. Click Actions > Attach

  • Select the instance you wish to attach the additional NIC. Click Attach.

  • To verify the network interface has been added, select your instance from Instances in the EC2 dashboard.
  • Scroll down the Networking tab and look for Network Interfaces.

If two interfaces are present, the task is complete.