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On February 16th, a serious defect was found in the getaddrinfo() library call in glibc. This issue, labelled CVE-2015-7547, allows an attacker to cause buffer overflow to occur, creating the possibility of remote code execution in some circumstances. In order to ensure that SoftNAS instances are not vulnerable to this potentially serious security issue, a hotfix has been created in order to eliminate this risk.


This KB article provides the steps required to apply the hotfix in order to eliminate the CVE-2015-7547 defect.


Log in to your SoftNAS instance using your current credentials.

In the Storage Administration pane, expand Settings, and select General System Settings.

General System Settings


This will bring you to the Webmin Panel. In the Webmin Panel, expand Others, and click Command Shell.


The hotfix will begin installation. To monitor the update, note the location of the install log. 

Command in progress



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