[SoftNAS KB]: Out of space and can not remove files


Sometimes you run into a situation where you have run your storage pool or volume out of space. There is a simple way to resolve this.


This article allows you to truncate expendable files and make them available for removal via the command line.


Login to the affected SoftNAS instance via SSH.

For guidance on how to connect to your Linux instance, click here.
For guidance on how to connect to your Windows Instance, click here.

Select a file that is not part of the most recent snapshot. To determine the most recent snapshots and determine eligible files for this process, use the command:

'zfs diff dataset@snapshot-name'

This will provide a list of potential candidates.

Select the file you want to truncate in order to create space. Run the command:

truncate -s 0 /path/to/expendable/file

Once the file is truncated, the 'rm' command will begin working, and you will be able to free up space.

If you need further assistance, please contact support@softnas.com.