How to automatically Map Users Home Directories to a SoftNAS (CIFS) Share when they login

Step-by-step guide

  1. Access the CIFS share with either the UNC path or as a mapped network drive. In my case I had to map it to letter U:


  2. Go to the Security TAB and make sure that it is setup exactly like the Screenshot below. Notice that "Inheritance" isn't enabled. That's exactly how we want it to be

  3. Now you can go ahead and edit either existing users or simply create a template to use with new users:


  4. The Action above should create the User's home directory in the CIFS share with all permission automatically set for them and the Admin Users with inheritance enabled as well :

  5. Now when the users login into the system, their home directories should be automatically mapped to the Drive letter H:

  6. Now they can be able to create files and folders under their home directory at will. And only them and the Admin users can be able to access their data and no one else:

  7. Done