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ANY modifications made to the virtual appliance: including, but not limited to, the hardening of the OS or Installation of 3rd party tools/agents may lead to system instability and conditions unforeseen when the system was developed and subsequently QA-ed by Buurst. 

Buurst has worked diligently to create a virtual appliance that is both functional and secure.  The software objects contained within our appliance are highly modified, bespoke and/or not necessarily what one would experience with a generic install of a Linux OS.  As such, Buurst does not recommend, nor support the modification of our SoftNAS virtual appliance image (as stated when logging in via SSH to any SoftNAS Virtual Appliance node).

Should there be a need to raise a support ticket on such a system and support were to determine that the modification or 3rd party tool/agent has led to, contributed to instability or hinders ability to  provide root cause analysis, you may be asked to revert/remove this modification/3rd party tool/agent and reproduce an issue for it to be addressed.

If unsure about the best approach to take, please do not hesitate to contact Buurst Support for guidance.