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Creating Your Azure Account

If you do not yet have an Azure account, one will need to be created. Your Azure account can be attached to any existing Microsoft account, or to any email address, including other web services such as google. A phone number can also be used as the basis for your Azure account, as you will see deeper into the process.


In this example, we will be using a previously created Outlook email.

  •  From the Azure free account page, click the Start free button.

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  1. Select your Country/Region from the drop down.

  2. Enter your first name into the First name text box.

  3. Enter your last name into the Last name text box.

  4. Enter your email into the Email address text box.

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    Enter your phone number into the Phone text box.

  •  Select how you would like Microsoft to contact you for identity verification by clicking either the Text me button or the Call me button.


If necessary, you can verify your identity using a different phone number by checking the box next to Use a different phone number to verify your identity.

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  1. Enter your address into the Address line 1 text box.

  2. Enter your city into the City text box.

  3. Select your state from the State drop-down.

  4. Enter your ZIP code into the ZIP code text box.

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  •  Select the checkbox(es) to agree to agreements and optionally opt in to information sharing.

  •  Once done, click the Next button.

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  •  Enter card information and billing address information into appropriate text boxes.

  •  Once done, click the Sign up button.

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